Friday, January 30, 2015

Words and Music

As I scrolled through my phone, I stumbled upon my note page and noticed a list I generated on New Year's Day about my goals for the year.  Some might call them resolutions and others might refer to the list as things they hope to accomplish. I don't usually make these lists but for some reason I did this year.  This is where I stand:

Present at a Workshop or a Writing Platform
I will be presenting at a Parent Night in my District at the end of next month.  The topic is how parents can help their child with common core work.  I am focusing on writing strategies that will support their child in the classroom.

I've been invited to do a Writing Workshop at an elementary school in the valley next month.  I was granted this opportunity through the National Writing Project.  I became a Writing Fellow through UCLA's Writing Project last summer and it was one of the best educational decisions of my life. My presentation will center on incorporating story telling into narrative writing.  I'll also discuss my scaffolded approach to writing.  This truly is an honor.

Attend Two Conferences by The End of The Year
I might be able to go to a writing conference in San Diego early next month. I'm currently waiting for confirmation.

I'm going to an RTI Conference in Milwaukee in early July.

Get a Gym Membership and Commit to Fit
Getting a gym membership is something I've wanted to do for a long time.  I finally grabbed the bull by the horns and joined a local facility. I've gone two times this week.  Once I get into a routine, I'll be fine. It's good to be back.

Keep an Active Blog
I have been trying my best to post at least once a week.  There have been some weeks where I've blogged once and others where I have blogged twice.

Continue to Write
I enjoy writing on the side when I have free time.  My favorite topics are writing about family, friends and my travels.

I've been playing tons of music in the classroom this year.  We use music for our morning greet, transitions, end of the day packing up, and any other opportunity that calls for music.

Right now I have been listening to Of Monsters of Men.  They have some cool tunes!   "Mountain Sound" is my personal favorite!  I also like the song embedded below. Please try watching while keeping a straight face!  

My Favorite Song Right Now


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