Saturday, October 25, 2014

Writing Mini-Offices

One of my favorite parts of the school day is writing time. Today, I am sharing my writing mini-office with you.

This mini-office is my latest creation for assisting students with writing.  (You can use mini-offices for any subject matter).  I created this folder so my students will have a variety of references in one place at all times. It is color coded for making referencing easier for my students.  The mini-office folder contains the following:

Page 1
* Writing Time Rules
* Transitional words
* Synonym Word Wall
* Comparing and Contrasting Terms

Page 2
* Topic Sentence Starters/Hooks/Attention Grabbers
* Interesting Thoughts
* Strange But True Facts
* Appositives
* General Statements
* Questions
* Figurative Language
* Combination of the topic choices listed above
* Show Me Writing Examples

Page 3
* Eight Parts of Speech
* Descriptive Vocabulary Terms

Page 4
* Figurative Language Definitions and Samples
* Alliteration
* Cliché
* Hyperbole
* Idiom
* Metaphor
* Onomatopoeia
* Oxymoron
* Simile
* Paradox
* Personification

Page 5
* Spelling Word Wall

My son modeling the mini-office in action!

I hope you enjoy the mini-office.  If you use mini-offices, then please feel free to share your ideas.

Thank you,


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Vocabulary Study Freebie

This is a student sample of the weekly vocabulary sheet.

This vocabulary sheet contains four columns.  The columns are labeled: term, definition, sentence and illustration.

Students are required to use class dictionaries, which are always on their desks, or the glossary to locate the meanings.

You can do a variety of activities in class and at home during the week with the vocabulary words. Students are required to use terms in commands, questions, exclamations and sentences. Students share their sentences with their elbow partners or whole class.  Next, they get to act out a vocabulary term in front of the class if they choose to do so. In addition, as we move along in the school year, students will be asked to add adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, action verbs, etc. to enhance their writing.

Click here for your free copy!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Math Tool Kits In Use

These are some examples of students using the math tool kits.  As stated in a previous blog, a number is written on the dry erase board and students work in teams to show "that" number.  A variety of methods were used in this lesson.  The students are quite clever using the manipulatives.

This student used coins to show his/her work.

This student color coded paperclips and made it to 128 in different ways including playing cards.

The number 43 was created in a variety of ways by these students.

I try to use a variety of double and triple digit numbers for students.  

The tool kits are a favorite part of each math lesson.  Please feel free to share any methods you are currently using.

Thank you