Sunday, November 30, 2014

Alpha Box Reading Strategy

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I picked this idea up years ago either at a workshop or conference and it’s called the Alpha-Box.  We use the Alpha Box all the time in my class.  This organizer is a nice way to foster reading comprehension and class discussion ensues. 

Once you read a story, ask students to fill in as many letter-boxes as they can with words from the story. Words such as the, he, she, it, like, an, a, etc. are not acceptable. Students may think outside the box and add emotions that characters felt in the story.

1. Explanation: Students have read Charlotte’s Web.

2. Pass out Alpha-Boxes.

3. Students fill in as many letters as they can.

4. They may write as many terms in each box as they desire.

5. Once you have given students ample opportunity to fill in boxes, ask for student responses for each letter.

6. In order to avoid hearing the same words over and over, ask students to put thumbs up if they had that term written.

7. Teacher should fill in responses on a blank copy as a sample.

8. This activity presents opportunities to open comprehension discussion at all levels. For example, a student might respond with “spring” and you could ask, “Why did you say spring, Sally?” And the student may say, “In the beginning Wilbur was a spring pig.” Others might write “terrific” because Wilbur was terrific.

Alpha Box- Charlotte’s Web
A award   amaze
arable       appeal
Avery       angry
B   barn breakfast
C Charlotte
chores clever crumble county caring
D daughter   dejected discouraged doze death
E eggs excited
F   friends
    farm fearful food fair
G goose
H Henry hatch
I intelligent
J joy
K kind
L lonely life
Lurvy leftovers listless
M mimic morsel modest
N novel nip
O outstanding
P pry pledge pasture prize
Q quiet quiver
R radiant
rambunctious rival runt rummage rodent
S selfish spider
sheep stall sow salutations snooze scamper
T terrific
   Templeton trough
U Uncle understanding
V vain
W web
Wilbur waddle

X, Y, Z
yell Zuckerman

I received this worksheet several years ago in a training.  I have included an updated freebie for you below.  Just click on the Alpha Box Freebie link.


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