Friday, January 4, 2013

Figurative Language Snowman Activity

I am posting today about some student samples from our figurative language snowman activity.  This was a project we did in class just before winter break, but it could be a great activity to do as you transition back into the swing of things. 
The students were given strips of similes and metaphors and they were asked to construct a figurative language snowman.  The sentence strips were passed out at random so each snowman would look differently.  Students were asked to place the strips in order from the head to the bottom and draw a picture of their snowman. 
Next, I brought in tangible items to help bring the snowmen to life.  Students had access to circular cardboard, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, cotton balls, fabric, felt scraps, construction paper, buttons, feathers, yarn, etc.  Students used these materials to build a three dimensional version of the drawing they previously made.
Finally, students were given two options to write about their snowman.   Students could write about the actual construction of their snowman in a step-by-step process or they could write about their snowman coming to life.  The students had a great time making their snowman and it was a fun way to reinforce the figurative language concepts we have been working hard to develop all year.
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                                                                 Student Sample 1
  Student Sample 2


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