Sunday, September 28, 2014

Math Tool Kits

Is anybody using tool kits for math? I have been using the kits and the students love the concept!  I stocked my third grade kits with playing cards, plastic coins, sticky-notes, base ten blocks and units, paper clips, dice, tiny erasers and calculators.  I chose these items because the students have access to several counting methods as well as various items to solve a problem.  Each student has a ruler they keep in their desks that they may use at any time. 

Today, I wrote random numbers on my dry erase board and the students had to work with their elbow partner (person next to him/her) to get to “that” number.  They were allowed to use any manipulative as a team.  I was amazed with the creativity. I believe they used every manipulative in the kit at one point or another.   

In addition, my students utilize the kits while solving problems from their daily math review.

What do you have in your math tool kit?  How do you use the kits?  Where do you find the resources?   I got my supplies at discount stores. 


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