Thursday, September 25, 2014

Classroom Practices/Strategies/Getting Started in the Morning

I am always “all ears” when I hear how teachers implement management practices in their classroom.  I love listening to what strategies work well or what new approach showed results.  It can be anything from a song played in the background during transition time to line order. 

Even though I have been teaching for several years, I review my policies and procedures over and over at the beginning of the year as well as throughout the school year. I believe consistency is important for the students. Established routines give the students direction.

I’ll share several approaches and practices in upcoming blogs.

We do a choral reading of this pledge every single morning.  

        Class Pledge

I will bring a positive attitude to school each and every day.
I will complete all my assignments.
I will be respectful and kind to others.
I will try my hardest at whatever I do.
I will be the best possible student that I can be.

Class Pledge- Click on link to get your copy of the Class Pledge

I have the students recite the class pledge to promote an understanding of daily expectations. I try to build morale and the students understand this pledge is simply a guideline.  They don’t get consequences for minor infractions that fall under the lines in the pledge.  For example, a student might have a lot on his/her mind and it may be difficult to bring a positive attitude one day. I always compliment the class when they have a great day.  

Class Greet

Once we finish the pledge, I quietly play a small section of a song that is appropriate for school and students walk around the class and say hello to one another, myself included.  This allows for a student to discuss that home- run he/she hit, a music recital, a great book they read, a birthday party, a weekend away, or a goal scored in soccer, etc.  It also gives you an idea of student likes and dislikes.  Students enjoy telling you about something funny their pet did or a family event that brought them joy.  I file their interests in my head.  When it comes to an upcoming writing assignment, I can refer back to a memory discussed during the morning greet if writer’s block is occurring with a student.


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