Saturday, October 25, 2014

Writing Mini-Offices

One of my favorite parts of the school day is writing time. Today, I am sharing my writing mini-office with you.

This mini-office is my latest creation for assisting students with writing.  (You can use mini-offices for any subject matter).  I created this folder so my students will have a variety of references in one place at all times. It is color coded for making referencing easier for my students.  The mini-office folder contains the following:

Page 1
* Writing Time Rules
* Transitional words
* Synonym Word Wall
* Comparing and Contrasting Terms

Page 2
* Topic Sentence Starters/Hooks/Attention Grabbers
* Interesting Thoughts
* Strange But True Facts
* Appositives
* General Statements
* Questions
* Figurative Language
* Combination of the topic choices listed above
* Show Me Writing Examples

Page 3
* Eight Parts of Speech
* Descriptive Vocabulary Terms

Page 4
* Figurative Language Definitions and Samples
* Alliteration
* Cliché
* Hyperbole
* Idiom
* Metaphor
* Onomatopoeia
* Oxymoron
* Simile
* Paradox
* Personification

Page 5
* Spelling Word Wall

My son modeling the mini-office in action!

I hope you enjoy the mini-office.  If you use mini-offices, then please feel free to share your ideas.

Thank you,



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