Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Students Want You to Read What they Write

Why do we write?  If you reflect for a moment, what are some reasons you write?  What form does your writing come in?  Do you write letters, emails, notes, texts, poetry, short stories, novels, or IOU's? If you answered yes to all the above, then you must be really busy. But, I do tip my hat to you.

More often than not, we write for the following reasons: to inform, to entertain, persuade, and to heal. Most of our writing fits into one of these categories.  If your students are writing each, and every single day, then they will more than likely touch on all of these reasons.

Students want you to read what they write.  There is never a day when a student doesn’t ask me to read something he/she wrote.  They want to see your reaction.  They will get excited!  Yes, they will be open to feedback because we have created that safe environment to share, therefore; students are more open to reading a piece, or a portion of their piece, with the class.

Have you experienced this?   I am guessing you have.  I know there aren't enough minutes in a school day to read every single thing students write.  Try to skim just one piece of writing.  If you can't offer feedback on each and every piece, then a smile, or nod, will do wonders.  

If you show excitement in what they write, then they will likely continue to share! 


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