About Me

My name is Sean Killeen and I was raised on the outskirts of Boston.  I am one of six children and we shared lots of great memories.  We played outside, ran around the neighborhoods playing every game imaginable, and we tested every sport known to mankind.  If it wasn’t a sport, then we turned it into one.  I am a sports fanatic! 

It seemed like somebody was always sleeping over at our house or being invited to family events. What better memories can you have when you reminisce about family and friends?  In fact, I have three nieces and two nephews who mean so much to me.

As the years chugged along, I entered the halls of Suffolk University in Boston. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions for me.  I made lifelong friends and the school was the perfect fit for me.  I earned my Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice, but I did take some education courses as well.  Little did I know education would be the road taken.

I moved out to California in January of 1989.  I thought it would be a short visit but for some reason I am still here.  I pursued my multiple subject teaching credential at Long Beach State University and my Masters in Education at National University.  I headed for the classroom and in the blink of an eye, eighteen years passed. 

Well a few things happened in that span of time. I traveled to so many countries and states.  I’ve been to Canada, Portugal, Ireland (6 times), Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, England, Belgium, France, South Africa, Spain, Holland, The Bahamas and over 35 states.

I met a wonderful woman by the name of Christy and we wed in the spring of 2009.  Our energetic and loving son Ciaran blessed our lives in May of 2010. Ok… so you lose a little sleep and walk around like your eyes have been dilated for the first few months, but my life changed for the best the day he was born.  He truly is my everything! 

Ciaran is growing like a weed and he has more energy than Edison.  That’s a good thing because he keeps us active.  He is always on the go and he is now four and a half years old. 

I feel like I make a difference in student lives when they understand how to problem solve, use the resources around them, and become critical lifelong thinkers.

I love teaching all subject matter, but I have a passion for teaching writing.  I’ll share my writing ideas with you throughout the year. 

One of my most recent accomplishments that I am proud of is being a UCLA Summer Writing Project Fellow!  It was an amazing program that opened my mind to many unique ideas and teaching strategies.


Kelley Freeman said...

My daughter is entering grade 3 next year. I was curious if you have a blog section that covers summer reading suggestions for children entering grade 3.


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