Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Travel

Hello out there,

It’s been a while since I’ve had any updates but I am going to blog more often this school year. I will share effective classroom strategies as well as discuss important educational events.  In addition, I’ll take you on journeys with some of my own interesting stories. 

My blog was formally titled: Fanatic About Fourth Grade but I moved to third grade last year.  Therefore, I needed a name change. Getting to the Core of Writing reflects what I am passionate about and works for any grade I teach!  I will be teaching third grade again this year and I’m excited about that.

We are heading out on our summer trip tomorrow.  My son has had his bag packed for this adventure since he got a robot suitcase for his birthday in May!  We will be traveling to Cincinnati, Dayton and Wheelersburg in Ohio.  In addition, we’ll have a nice stay in Alexandria, Kentucky.  Then, we will be off to Boston with a stop in New York City.  We are hoping to go to Cape Cod or Maine for an evening as well.

We are truly looking forward to seeing family and friends.  Those are where the best memories are formed. 

I’ll see my Red Sox vs. the Reds in Cincinnati as well as journey to my beloved Fenway Park.  A trip to Fenway is a must, even if they are having an off year. 

If I get a chance, I’ll check in from state to state. 

Please feel free to check in from time to time.  I am more than happy to check out anybody’s blog if they leave the information.

Sean Killeen

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