Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Quick Line Order Procedure!

A Quick Line Order Procedure!

Whenever I place my students in line order; it seems to lessen cutting and saving spots.  I write the exact list down on paper and students have to follow the line format. I form LINE 1 and LINE 2.  Students line up with the same classmates in front and in back of them for the entire year.  Please feel to make necessary adjustments if needed. 

Let’s hypothetically say Mary (LINE 1) and Steve (LINE 2) are the line leaders this week and Jill and Pete are behind them.  Mary and Steve hold the line leader spot until the following Monday morning.  Mary and Steve now go to the back of the line and Jill and Pete are now the line leaders for the week.  All students get a chance to be the line leader for the week and formations rotate in this manner the entire year.

If a student has to leave the line for any reason, they go right back to their space.  This has saved arguing, cutting as well as saving spots.  I hope you enjoyed this line order tip!

Now if you really want to throw a curveball, ask the class to line up in a circle!  If they line up in a circle, then who is first?  Who is last? 




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