Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Busy but Fulfilling Week

The UCLA Writing Project reached out and asked me to present in the San Gabriel Valley this past Thursday. I was granted sub release time from the district.
I focused on the following:
* storytelling
* narrative writing
* descriptive writing
* revision strategies
* offering feedback
They were the most amazing participants. They got involved in the workshop from the very beginning. Hats off to them! The professionalism from the teachers was top notch.
This was my first presentation in front of an unfamiliar group and I enjoyed the entire session.
I'm looking forward to more opportunities like this down the road.

I gave the participants some resources to use in their classrooms.  

Please feel free to download the Topic Chart or Show Me Writing pictured below.

I am going to present at a District Common Core Parent Night this coming Thursday. I will show the parents how to help their child with writing strategies at home. I am looking forward to speaking to parents about something I am so passionate about. 

First graders sure are smart!  I had the opportunity to model storytelling and narrative writing in two first grade classrooms on my campus this Friday.  It was a little similar to the San Gabriel lesson. I felt like I kept the students engaged, while their participation made for a super lesson.

Is it me or do first graders notice everything?  Their retelling of my story was impressive.  They knew every event in sequential order. I can't wait to see their completed writing samples. Hats off to their teachers for having them so prepared.

I'm looking forward to meeting up with fellow educational bloggers this Friday night in Anaheim.


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