Sunday, March 1, 2015

Inquiry Presentation Week

The students have worked so hard on researching their inquiry the past few weeks.  They collected data in school via the chrome books. Students were able to use articles and other media. In addition, students were allowed to gather more information at home, if desired.

The class had to come up with the question of inquiry on their own.  I did not offer assistance in the selections of their topics.

About five to six students will present their inquiry to the class each day this week.  I'm looking forward to the creativity within each presentation.

I have listed some of the topics of interest:

What lives in the various stories of the jungle?
How are legos made?
How did oceans form?
How is glass made and what are different types of glass?
How is money made?
Who makes computers?
Why do shooting stars fall from the sky?
What causes mental illness?
How do beavers make dams?
How does water evaporate?
What's a dog's natural habitat?
How do tsunami's form?
How do people figure out where to put the capitals of every state?
Who invented school?
What color is the sky?
Who invented the internet?
How do polar bears adapt to their environment?
How do koalas adapt to their environment?
How do volcanoes form?
How many countries are in the world?
I am curious about tigers!
Why are some fish flat?
Why are some cars faster than others?

Student Questions

I'll keep you posted about their research/presentations later in the week.


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