Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mystery Trash Item

Have you ever tried the mystery trash item in your classroom?  I got this idea from other teachers (TpT) and I really like the way it works.

The challenge may be conducted in various ways.  You may randomly pick an item on the floor that you want picked up, but the students don't know what the item is that your looking for...hence the mystery trash.  Personally, I write down the item/s I am looking for on a piece of paper.  Then, I place the mystery item it in a box for the day. Sometimes I might even add items throughout the day.   I watch closely to see which student found the item. The selected objects may range from crumpled paper to straightening out a rug. Finally, I reveal the mystery item at the end of the day to the class.

The reward system is up to you.  I have several pencils that I use as the daily prize. Students may opt for a positive school coupon.  Either makes cleaning up a fun time and gets everyone engaged.  In addition, music is always playing in the background.  The students have a blast and we all end up with a sparkling classroom at the end of the day!

Images courtesy of My Cute Graphics


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