Monday, March 18, 2013

Daily Morning Worksheet Student Samples


I am providing a few samples of how my students answer questions on my Daily Morning Worksheets. These common core aligned worksheets are designed to be used in grades 3-5. They include language arts, math, puzzles, grammar, synonyms, antonyms, and geography questions.  The creativity behind the worksheets stemmed from years of daily morning work questions that I would make up on my own.  The point of the critical thinking sections is to challenge students' thinking and not to come up with one "correct" answer. The class discussion that occurs is the most important part of these exercises. This built in differentiation leads to very high levels of class participation!

Students are expected to complete the sheets in about ten-fifteen minutes every morning.  In this timeframe, students will use dictionaries, thesauruses', atlases, learned math and vocabulary skills, critical thinking, and the understanding behind solving patterns. We review the answers as a class.

My students have honed their skills by using their resources every day. I taught my students how to use dictionaries, atlases, thesauruses, index, glossaries, etc., earlier in the year.  These reference materials stay on the students’ desks all year long for easy accessibility.

I will provide more examples of Daily Morning Worksheets in the coming weeks.  If you are interested in trying this out in your own classroom, here is the link to my free sample on TPT.

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Student Sample 1

Student Sample 2


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