Thursday, March 21, 2013

Probability Lesson


I taught a fun math lesson in my class recently.  We were learning about probability and I used colored blocks to show the differences with the terms likely, unlikely, equally likely, certain, or impossible.

I began the lesson by talking about probability, predictions and outcomes.  I provided a few examples of each and the students seemed to grasp the varying definitions.

Next, I placed one green and one yellow block into a bag and informed the class that I would have ten draws.  The students had to make a prediction of which color would be pulled more often… or would the results be the same?  They wrote their predictions on their dry erase boards (one of my favorite teaching tools).  It ended 6-4 in favor of green.  The students comprehended that the chances were still equally likely of either color being pulled.

In addition, I placed two green blocks and one yellow block in the bag and I did another ten draws.  The results pretty much held true to form.

Finally, I placed nine green blocks and one yellow block into the bag and the whole class drew this time.  Odds had it that the entire class pulled green.  They knew that the odds of green getting pulled were roughly 1/10, therefore; three yellow blocks should be drawn. 

The lesson was hands on and the entire class was involved.   The excitement level was high and learning was taking place.  


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