Saturday, December 6, 2014

My Writing Curriculum

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One of my favorites parts of the day is writing time.  Personally, I teach writing as a systematic approach.  In fact, I enjoy writing so much that I created my own writing curriculum which I use every day.

My curriculum is an up-to-date, comprehensive writing manual designed to help elementary school teachers implement effective writing in grades three through five.  The book contains a ten-month pacing plan (optional) for a 180-day school calendar.  The beginning of this book shares my own writing theory and gives an explanation of why I do the things I do.  The main purpose is to assist you in teaching your students to write well using a step-by-step process, beginning in September and ending in June.  (Alternate schedule if you are year-round).  I'll share some anonymous writing samples throughout the year as well.

This book teaches various areas of writing, independent of each other, and educates students to synthesize information and create writing pieces with style and flare.  Nonfiction and fiction can both be addressed in several of the topics that are covered in this manual.

Students will be writing for the rest of their lives.  If you build a strong writing foundation early on, students can only improve year after year.  In today's technological society, communication via email may be the norm, but good writing is still crucial.

Please be sure to follow my blog, as I will introduce sections of my book.  In addition, I'll post free resources as well.

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