Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Words and Music

Are you a music fan?  Is there a certain music style or group you like?  I enjoy Bob Seger’s music immensely.  I think it’s impossible not to tap your foot to “Old Time Rock and Roll” when it is played.  It’s one of those songs you have to turn the volume up a little bit more than the norm.  I usually shake my head a few times, tap my feet and hit my knees to the beat.  The one line that always jumps out at me is: reminisce about the days of old.  I believe we all reminisce every day.  It might be a memory from years ago or something more recent. 

I’m reminiscing about this past week as I sit here hunting and pecking on the keyboard.  I’m not the fastest person on the keyboard, but I can get around and navigate at a decent speed. I’m always amazed when people type faster than an auctioneer speaks. How did they get that good?

How was your week?  Did anything exciting happen?  I got my first dose of what an ear infection feels like.  I’m not talking about an earache from a concert or loud stadium event but an authentic ear infection.  A dose of antibiotics has helped ease the pain.  My ear still has the muffled just got off an airplane feeling coupled with what seems to be water in there as well.

Did you ever see the movie “What About Bob” from years ago?  It’s kind of like Bill Murray in “What About Bob” through the eyes of Richard Dryfuss.  He was hoping Bill Murray never came back.  I felt the same about the earache as Richard Dreyfuss did about Bill Murray and I hope it never comes back.  Good riddance!

Are you a sports person? I am a sports fanatic. There were some crazy college football games on this weekend. The final four teams were announced and it looks like its ‘Bama vs. Ohio State and Florida State vs. Oregon. It should make for a great football playoff.  I feel for Baylor and TCU fans.  They played outstanding football all year long.

My wife’s Wolverines had an off year but she is still a diehard fan.   They’ll be back with a vengeance!  I guess my alma mater, Suffolk University, is still undefeated after all these years!  Ok…so we don’t have a team, but if we did, they would be awesome. Go Rams!

Right now you have college hoops & football, NFL, NBA, NHL and some of those other sports on ESPN at 3 am that I never knew existed.  For example, I saw about 18,000 people in Great Britain screaming and going nuts over a dart game last week.  No offense…I love darts… but I didn’t know that many people in one place would be so passionate. The fans were into every throw by singing chants and cheering on the players.  Hats off to them!  I’m lucky if I hit the board with all three darts.  Hitting the bulls-eye is usually a fluke for me.

We put our Christmas Tree up and we are pleased with the way it looks.  Ciaran was quite excited! There’s nothing like a kid’s excitement during the Christmas Season. His Elf on the Shelf, Oodle, has been watching quite closely. 

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