Friday, January 22, 2016

Positive Post-It-Notes

There are several ways to give your students a good start to their day.  Today, I am sharing my post-it-note comments with you.  I will randomly select a few days throughout the school year and leave post-it-notes on students' chairs.  I either write the notes out after school, or I will get to school early and write them.  The notes are small messages unique to each student.  I walk the class and think about what I should write.  What might motivate this student?  What did this student do that made him/her stand out?  Every student receives a note.

I like how you showed perseverance on yesterday's difficult math problem.

You attitude in amazing!

How do you know so much about dinosaurs?

You're an amazing seat partner.

I can't believe how much effort you put into your writing!

Once the class pulls their chairs down, you will notice a change in the room.  Students will look around.  Some smile.  Some look confused.  Some will thank you and others won't say a word.  Trust me... they appreciate the notes!  I never say anything to the class and I go about our morning routine as usual.   Their faces will tell you how you made them feel.  You can do this activity as often as you like.

Don't be too surprised if the students keep them stored away.


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